Your Beach

Backyard! Not even a 1 minute walk from the villa. Used only by you and (maybe) guests from other surrounding villas.

Playa Caracas

20 minute drive. White sand, blue water, generally calm water, covered picnic pavilions, some snorkeling, lots of parking, restroom.

Playa Media Luna

22 minute drive. The most protected beach, water is almost always calm, white sand, some picnic tables, lots of trees for shade, roped-off swimming area. No facilities.

Playa Sun Bay

15 minute drive. White sand, large cove-shaped beach, lots of trees for shade, restrooms, calm waters, great sunsets.

Playa Negra

14 minute drive. Black sand. You have to allow an hour or so because you have to hike to get there, no facilities, rough seas, more of a hiking spot than a beach spot.

Playa Navio

24 minute drive. Blue water, white sand, caves, hiking trails, great for body surfing, No facilities, bumpy dirt road, sea grass.

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