Isla de Vieques is one of the islands of Puerto Rico. For decades two thirds of the island was under the control of the US Navy. In 2003 the Navy left the island, since then tourism has boomed and Vieques is one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean and truly one of the last undiscovered tropical destinations.

Vieques offers gorgeous beaches, fun things to do for the whole family and unbeaten paths for you to explore. Honeymooners from all over the world have chosen Vieques as the perfect place to celebrate their love, they find the island even more beautiful and romantic than any photo could explain.  Vieques is a great vacation spot for families and friends to gather, you can practically claim a beach to yourselves. Vieques is the home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, an experience not to be missed.

Puerto Rico is a US territory, if you are a United States citizen, no passport is required to travel.  Most major cities in the USA have direct flights to San Juan, from there you can take a short flight to Vieques or the ferry from the municipality of Fajardo for a few dollars.
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